Tinting Benefits

Protection Against Fading

Panorama films screen out over 99% of the damaging Ultraviolet rays that destroy expensive fabrics, furniture, paneling and cabinetry. By reducing Ultraviolet light, the Panorama films will ensure your expensive draperies, hardwoods, fabrics and all other interior home furnishings keep their original colors. Panorama films also offer the same 98% protection from Ultraviolet rays as well as 91% protection from Infrared Rays, which are the main cause of heat.

Attractive Energy Savings

Panorama films keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The strong films can reduce room temperatures up to 15 degrees and reduce hot spot areas of your home. The main heating and cooling loss of every home is through the windows. Panorama films reduce up to 89% of the heat coming through the glass, decreasing utility costs up to 30% and making rooms more comfortable all year round.

Eliminate Glare On TV’s And Computers

Panorama films will reduce the glare level on TV’s and computers. The uncomfortable glare in most rooms is light, therefore the films will reduce glare to a tolerable level without making the room dark.

Complete Daytime Privacy

Panorama films are clear from the inside but can be private from the outside. All of the medium to strong films are transparent from the interior but allow daytime privacy from the exterior. You can see out but no one can see in.

Resists Scratching

Most Films have a tough scratch-resistant coating that prevent most scratching normally caused by pets and the usual accidents.


The Panorama films will add a welcomed degree of shatter resistance to your glass. These films turn ordinary glass into safety glass, like a car windshield.

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